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Download Client Xibo

Version 1.7.9 just comes with files i can put all in the document root. This has also been working for a long time now. So i thought, why not install 1.7.9 again. So i tried to find the download for 1.7.9 but couldnt find it anywhere. I could only find the windows client. I searched on github but the CMS download for 1.7.9 is missing.

Download client xibo

If you upgraded to 3.2.1 before this time, please re-apply the release. To do so with Docker simply issue docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d on your install. To do so with source files please redownload and follow the upgrade instructions again.

  • You can see how to configure X-Sendfile in the Docker container configuration here: xibosignage/xibo-cms/blob/develop/docker/etc/apache2/conf.d/cms.conf#L19PassEnv MYSQL_HOST

  • PassEnv MYSQL_USER

  • PassEnv MYSQL_PORT



  • ServerName $CMS_SERVER_NAME

  • KeepAlive Off

  • XSendFile onXSendFilePath /var/www/cms/library

  • DirectoryIndex index.php index.html

  • Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews

  • AllowOverride All

  • Require all granted

  • ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/error.log

The Xibo system is made up from two components: First of all there is the server, which is used to create and schedule the layouts; and then there is the client, which downloads all of the relevant information about the currently scheduled layout and displays this on the screen.

The latest stable version of Xibo is 1.4.2. Running the following commands will download the server, unpack the files, move them to the relevant location and then change the ownership of the folders so that the web server has the access it requires.

The fourth step is for you to input the settings of your mysql server. The root password is the one that you set earlier in this process and the xibo username and password are accounts that the installer will create for xibo to access this database.

The seventh (and final) step is asking for us to provide the library location for the media files and a server key. This server key is important and is used so that the client can authenticate with the server. Without the correct server key, the client will not be able to download data from the server. Finally, decide whether anonymous statistics should be sent to the project maintainersor not.

Even numbered releases (1.0, 1.2, 1.4) are considered stable and odd numbered releases (1.1,1.3,1.5) are development releases. Thesereleases tend to be more stable than using a bzr branch and are available from the download page and can be installed in the same way as shown above.

Once these steps have been completed, you can simply visit the new web-address like above, but replace xibo-server with xibo-server-bzr.When asked about a database, create a new database with a different name to the stable install described earlier.

Hopefully this tutorial has helped with installing the xibo server. If you wish to allow larger files to be uploaded in the future, simply follow the php.ini instructions that are listed earlier in this guide.

Hello, Guys! As a novice server maintenance manager. I want to create a server which will be a PHP/MySQL web application running on Mac. Please help me to download client Xibo at Mac by giving reliable link. Thank you!

Issue: I have around 40 Xibo displays around the building, and recently (last few months) certain ones of them display "Navigation to the webpage was cancelled" in the region containing a Powerpoint presentation, when said presentation is updated in the layout. this never used to be a problem, and I've been running the same OS, xibo version and layouts for years. I have upgraded from my original 1.4.0 clients to the current 1.6.4, which seems to have reduced the number of units this is happening on, but I still have a couple of repeat offenders.

To force the issue, you can close the client and delete the contents of the library folder. On launching the client, the splash screen holds and the content files begin to download. The current powerpoint file is around 67MB in size, but on reaching around 50MB size, the client closes itself. If I re-launch, the layout immediately displays, but with the "navigation to the webpage was cancelled"- the file itself continues to download at that point, reaching full size, but never displays in the layout. Closing the clients manually and reopening at that point results in a correct display (until the next update of presentation file)

Thanks for your reply. This is actually a little worse than I first thought, as it's affecting all my displays. The reason I've only noticed on a couple is because I have a program installed on most of the units called 'Firedeamon' which calls the Xibo client as a service. The reason being if the client crashes, which it does from time to time, this will keep restarting it. It's worked beautifully for years, but now is masking the problem as after the client crashes during Powerpoint downloading, it just gets restarted!

On my Windows XP displays (all but one, actually!), taking Firedeamon out of the equation by manually launching the client, I get no windows event log entries when it closes. Exactly the same symptoms on all cleints I've tried in this way though- the file gets to about (but not exactly the same each time) 50MB, and the client closes. Run it again and the download picks up where it left off but the layout shows 'Navigation to page cancelled". Once full file size is reached, close and open of client displays Powerpoint correctly.

As far as I can see the layout shouldn't ever make it into the schedule if it doesn't have all of its files marked as valid. As you are replacing a layout that is already running, the moment it detects that the files have changed it should switch out to the splash screen while the new content is being downloaded.

I have done as you suggested and copied the layout etc. The symptoms remain the same when scheduling this copy, however. Client crashes 50MB (actually 55MB on this test, has been as low as 46MB so not exact each time) and needs to be re-launched. Initial relaunch results in 'Navigation to the page was cancelled", but file finishes downloading. Relaunch again and it displays fine.

When testing this, I have been closing the client, deleting the local library contents and relaunching. This causes the splash screen to hang whilst the files download, but then the client crashes. If I change the layout and leave the client to its own devices, as soon as the files begin to download the playing layout 'locks up' (scrolling text stops, VLC video stream hangs etc) and the client stays unresponsive until it crashes out. Worse still, if I change to a Powerpoint file which is below the crash 'limit', the playing layout still hangs but because the client never crashes I just get the locked up layout stuck on screen until I force the client to close. WHen 'locked up' the xibo process is using 50% CPU time.

A little more info. I have just performed an upgrade of my server to the latest version, in a dev environment (cloned VM, changed name and IP, upgraded and pointed a test client at it) and the behaviour is still the same.

Are all your clients built from the same image, or are they all different? (excluding the 1 win7 display). Do you have a corporate anti virus policy? Can you disable anti-virus scanning on the Xibo library folder.

Can you also run another test without deleting the library contents, etc and have the client status window open when you are doing it... once it has frozen can you screen shot that window so we can see what its doing internally?

I have created a test client for the purposes of testing this. Fresh install of Windows XP from a disk, no windows updates, installed IE8 (again without updates) and installed PowerPoint 2003. I also installed .net 3.5 SP1. Idea being minimum possible to run Xibo with a .ppt file. This is not bound to my domain, and has had literally nothing done to it apart from the above and the current Xibo client installed.

I have exactly the same crashing client symptoms on this client. Even with a fresh, blank layout with just a powerpoint file, the client crashes during the downloading of the file. Small files up to arund 7-8MB seem OK, but CPU usage still shoots up to 100% during the downloading time, however the client does recover and display the .ppt. I have created fresh presentations and kept adding photos to them until the problem occurs. On this test VM, which has lower resources than my actual clients, the crash occurs around 15MB, but symptoms remain the same. Download stops, client crashes with Windows 'send or don't send error report' type dialogue. Open client again, and you get 'navigation to page cancelled' and the download continues. Close and open again once download is complete and .ppt displays fine.

However, I've just taken delivery of some new displays which are HD and the low quality content looks poor. I've upgraded my CMS and all client to the current (1.7.4) in the last few days, and I still have issues with large powerpoint files.

I no longer get the 'navigation to webpage cancelled' message, but if the presentation is larger than around 10MB the layout plays before the file has downloaded which results in a black area in my layout where powerpoint should be, and the powerpoint .exe file is not called. The download continues in the background until complete, even with very large files, and the xibo client does not crash but also never refreshes so the black area remains.

Create xibo-cms directory and change to it. Download the new version, in this example 3.0.2 extract it and copy back the necessary files. You will also need to delete the install/index.php file to stop a warning from appearing.

On this page you can find all versions of the php package xibosignage/oauth2-xibo-cms. It is possible to download/install these versions without Composer. Possible dependencies are resolved automatically. 350c69d7ab


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