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Joseph Massey
Joseph Massey

Download Internet Explorer 11 For Apple Mac !FULL!

What you're trying to do is impossible. I guess one way you could install it would be to install Windows 10 via bootcamp onto your MacBook, and then boot in Windows and use the internet explorer browser that way, but there is no way to use that browser from macOS.

Download Internet Explorer 11 For Apple Mac

You should download Internet Explorer if you're a very basic internet user. If you prefer paper books to Kindles, and writing letters to texting, this browser will be up your alley. You can watch videos, but after testing a few on YouTube, switching to another tab and then back again would cause the browser to crash. Avoid websites with a lot of ads and graphics, as those will make IE crash as well. This browser has come a long way in terms of speed with most sites loading in about three seconds or less. With that said, there are more things that you can't do than what you can, especially if you're trying this browser out after using others like Firefox or Chrome. No extensions, no heavy downloading, and playing browser games is nearly impossible for an extended amount of time. 350c69d7ab


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