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Taxi Driver 3D: Experience the Thrill of Driving a Yellow Cab

Uber Taxi Driver 3D is a 3D taxi game. Drive through the city and find the passengers who need to be picked up. Players can use the map in the top left corner to see where their next passenger is located. Once the passenger is in the car, they will tell you where they need to go. Their destination will then also appear on your city map. The objective of the game is to pick up and drop off each passenger before the time on the clock runs out.

Play Miami Taxi Driver 3D online free installment. Miami is a huge city and you shoudl move across it very quickly. Take a role of an experienced taxi driver with a great number of orders in tis city. Follow the routes and pick up passengers. Try to perform your job well and you will be given a nice reward. Drive people without unnecessary risk, avoid all obstacles and become the first taxi driver in the city. Make a good living driving a cap. Pick up passengers in the inner city of Miami and drive with them to their destination. Try toavoid dangerous pits on your way. Have a much fun! More then eightenn levels are wating for you! Play it on all types of devices.

taxi driver 3d

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Welcome to Miami Taxi Driver 3D, the ultimate driving experience for those who dream of becoming a skilled and adventurous taxi driver in the vibrant city of Miami! Get ready to hit the streets, pick up passengers, and embark on thrilling journeys through the bustling urban landscape.

In Miami Taxi Driver 3D, you'll take on the role of a taxi driver, navigating the city's busy streets, iconic landmarks, and scenic routes. Your goal is to provide exceptional service to your passengers while earning money and unlocking new opportunities.

Time and Traffic Challenges: Experience the real challenges of being a taxi driver in a bustling city. Manage your time effectively, navigate through traffic congestion, and race against the clock to complete fares and maximize your earnings.

Upgrade and Customize: Earn money from successful rides and use it to upgrade your taxi or purchase new vehicles. Customize your taxis with various paint jobs, decals, and accessories to make them stand out on the streets.

Whether you're a seasoned taxi driver or a rookie hitting the streets for the first time, Miami Taxi Driver 3D offers an exciting and realistic driving experience that will keep you hooked for hours. Get ready to navigate the bustling streets, meet interesting passengers, and become the best taxi driver Miami has ever seen!

So, grab the wheel, turn up the radio, and get ready for a thrilling ride in Miami Taxi Driver 3D! The city is waiting for you to show off your driving skills and become the king of the Miami taxi scene.

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If the life of a taxi driver seem appealing to you, trying it out with a simulation game is a good idea to get a feel for what it's like. City Taxi Driver 3D Simulator is a driving game developed by Vasco Games. As with most games of its kind, City Taxi Driver 3D Simulator simply gives users a unique look into the life of Taxi Drivers.

The City you drive your Taxi Cab around in is full of traffic, traffic lights. So the missions will never be the same, the great dynamic city is full of different obstacles and lots of taxi cabs with drivers. The full crazy taxi driver game 3D environment will give more then enough challenges.

So if you love driving and racing game, this 3D taxi and sports car driver games where you need to pick up people, drive around in a big crazy airport city full of traffic. Then you would love this new game with the coolest taxi driver game. Watch out for buses, cars and other vehicles as you race your way on the asphalt. Wait for the traffic lights or decide to make a run for it!

You have to make a living as a taxi driver now that your acting career in beautiful Miami has obviously failed. In the second chapter of the thrilling game Miami Taxi Driver 3D, you can drive around the city and pick up potential passengers. Of course, even while the passengers desire to reach their location as soon as possible, you should never harm your vehicle. Make as much money as you can to establish yourself as Miami's top cab driver! Good fortune!

Play the free version of Miami Taxi Driver 3D online. Miami is a sizable city, therefore you should travel through it fast. Play the part of a seasoned taxi driver that has a ton of orders to fulfill in this city. Pick up people and stick to the routes. If you work well at your job, you'll get a wonderful reward. Drive passengers safely, avoid any pitfalls, and become the city's first taxi driver. Drive a cap and earn a living. Passengers are picked up in Miami's downtown and driven there by them. On your route, try to avoid deadly pits. Have a great time! There are more than eighty levels waiting for you! Play it on any available device.

Experience the life routine of a taxi driver Taxi Game: Taxi Sim Game free - Taxi Driver 3D. Complete differing types of driving missions as a taxi driver and pick your favorite car from a spread of wonderful vehicles in Taxi Game: Taxi Sim Game free - Taxi Driver 3D.

We have also added London taxi to our Taxi Game: Taxi Sim Game free - Taxi Driver 3D Game, so now you'll choose which cab you would like to drive! Taxi games leader is now back on its because of the very best simulator games! It's free and far better than the most recent taxi games.

Start your taxi driving career in Taxi Game: Taxi Sim Game free - Taxi Driver 3D Game with regular cars and work your high to SUVs, luxury cars, sports cars and supercars. Buy and upgrade cars to be able to devour VIP clients and to earn more for each mission. Each car you buy are often played both in taxi mode in Taxi Game: Taxi Sim Game free - Taxi Driver 3D.

We guarantee it is the best taxi game within the store at the instant and one among the simplest driving games. We spent tons of your time to bring you the simplest gameplay you'll have playing taxi games for mobile device.

Start your taxi driving career with regular cars and work your high to SUVs, luxury cars, sports cars and supercars. Buy better cars to be ready to devour VIP clients and to earn more for every mission. Each car you purchase are often upgraded in taxi sim.

Taxi Driving 3D is a laid-back, fun, and role-playing game. You play as a taxi-drive to pick up passengers and drop them off. Sounds simple? Wait until you have to beat the time and avoid devastating traffic environments.

Limo taxi driving 3d with the addition of limo driving 3d simulator is one of the newest limo driving games that gives you the chance to drive something spectacular in limozin car games! The big challenge in this limo taxi driving 3d is to finish assigned missions in the specific time limit. Test your exceptional driving skills with limo driving 3d simulator in the greatest limozin car games.

In the late afternoon of May 8, 1979, Belvia Arch (Arch), a taxi driver, was operating his taxi at Los Angeles International Airport where he picked up a customer later identified as Haugland. Haugland directed Arch to an address in the 4000 block of Via Marina in Marina Del Rey. En route, Haugland inferred to Arch that he was a hit man from Las Vegas, had come to Los Angeles to collect some money and asked Arch if he was interested in selling drugs, to which Arch replied in the negative. Haugland showed Arch a gun clip containing hollowed bullets.

Upon arriving at the Marina address, Haugland instructed Arch to wait for him. Ten minutes later Haugland returned to the taxi and directed Arch to take him to a hardware store where he could find a knife. Arch transported him to a store on Venice Boulevard. After looking around in the store, Haugland returned to the taxi and directed Arch to take him to the Hungry Tiger Restaurant.

When he reached the restaurant, Arch, who was by then "scared" and eager to get away, told Haugland he could not stay and wait for him and gave him a blank United Independent Taxi card so he could call another taxi. Haugland wrote Arch's name on the card. Haugland then obtained another business card from Arch, on the back of which he wrote the words "Nevada Iron Man, Son, Gold, Coke, Lude" and a phone number and returned the card to Arch. Haugland then went into the restaurant with his briefcase, and Arch drove off toward the airport looking for "the first police [he] could find."

[1a] The detention of Haugland by the police officers in the present fact situation was not only proper but part of their official duties. There was no reason for the officers to distrust or doubt the cab driver's report of his horrendous experience.

Reviewing the facts with the required standards in mind, we reiterate that a citizen informant cab driver told the police that he had just dropped off a male passenger, armed with a loaded handgun, who volunteered that he was in Los Angeles "to shoot a man who had not paid his dues in Las Vegas." The distraught and visibly shaken Arch related [115 Cal. App. 3d 255] to the officers such details as having been shown the gun clip containing hollow-point bullets and having been asked by Haugland if he could supply a silencer for the weapon. In addition, Haugland wanted the cab driver to sell narcotics for him.


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