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Palisade Decision Tools Suite Industrial 5.7

The Palisade Decision Tools Suite Industrial 5.7 is a comprehensive set of software tools for risk and decision analysis that runs in Microsoft Excel. It is designed to help industrial users make better decisions under uncertainty, optimize complex systems, and improve operational efficiency. The suite includes seven integrated products: @RISK, PrecisionTree, TopRank, NeuralTools, StatTools, Evolver, and RISKOptimizer.


@RISK is the core product of the suite that performs Monte Carlo simulation to quantify the impact of uncertainty in any spreadsheet model. It allows users to define probability distributions for uncertain inputs, run thousands of simulations, and display the results in graphs and statistics. @RISK can also perform sensitivity analysis to identify the most critical factors affecting the outcome, and scenario analysis to compare different assumptions and scenarios.



PrecisionTree is a tool for creating and analyzing decision trees in Excel. Decision trees are graphical representations of sequential decisions and their possible consequences. PrecisionTree can help users evaluate complex decisions with multiple alternatives and uncertain outcomes, as well as incorporate risk and uncertainty into the decision process. PrecisionTree can also perform decision analysis to find the optimal decision strategy that maximizes expected value or utility.


TopRank is a tool for performing what-if analysis and automated sensitivity testing in Excel. It allows users to vary the values of selected input cells and observe how they affect the values of one or more output cells. TopRank can help users identify the key drivers of their spreadsheet models, test the robustness of their assumptions, and explore different scenarios. TopRank can also perform tornado analysis to rank the input cells by their impact on the output cells.


NeuralTools is a tool for applying artificial neural networks to data analysis and prediction problems in Excel. Neural networks are mathematical models that can learn from data and mimic the behavior of complex systems. NeuralTools can help users discover hidden patterns and relationships in their data, build predictive models for forecasting and classification, and improve their accuracy with live prediction updates.


StatTools is a tool for performing statistical analysis and data management in Excel. It provides a comprehensive set of statistical methods and tests, such as descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, regression, ANOVA, quality control, time series, and more. StatTools can help users summarize and explore their data, test hypotheses and assumptions, estimate parameters and relationships, and control quality and reliability.


Evolver is a tool for solving optimization problems in Excel using genetic algorithms. Genetic algorithms are search methods that mimic the process of natural evolution to find optimal solutions for complex problems. Evolver can help users optimize any spreadsheet model that involves nonlinear, non-smooth, or discontinuous functions, such as engineering design, product mix, portfolio allocation, scheduling, routing, and more.


RISKOptimizer is a tool that combines @RISK's Monte Carlo simulation with Evolver's genetic algorithms to solve stochastic optimization problems in Excel. Stochastic optimization problems are optimization problems that involve uncertainty in the objective function or the constraints. RISKOptimizer can help users find optimal solutions for problems that require balancing risk and reward, such as capital budgeting, resource allocation, project selection, and more.


The Palisade Decision Tools Suite Industrial 5.7 is a powerful and versatile software package that can enhance the decision-making capabilities of industrial users. By integrating with Excel, it offers a familiar and user-friendly interface for creating and analyzing spreadsheet models. By offering a range of tools for risk modeling, decision analysis, data analysis, prediction, optimization, and more, it covers a wide spectrum of applications and industries.

To learn more about the Palisade Decision Tools Suite Industrial 5.7, visit [Palisade's website] or download a [free trial].


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