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Joseph Massey
Joseph Massey

Wall E Movie Torrent 19

in 2005, production started on walle. the main story is set in a solar system where earth has been colonized and humans live on earth and mars. a robot named walle, built by earth's last robot in the original film, is placed in a greenhouse to protect it from the elements. the robot recognizes a form of life in the area and becomes attached to it. it calls the form of life eve, and it discovers that it has been left to die. eve is on the verge of death and is not sure whether to live or die. walle, seeing eve is having trouble deciding, encourages eve to decide whether to live or die. eve eventually decides to live, and walle is delighted by her decision and encourages her to live. he then proceeds to get eve sterilized, telling her that he is protecting her, and leaves her on earth to become a carbon-based life form. the story is built on the premise that a robot will let a life form die, but walle does not know that eve is a carbon-based life form. the robot's original programming is to protect and care for it. the robot finds that humans have become aggressive and barbaric. walle is ordered by a robot named auto to destroy them. as auto is about to kill eve, walle, who has decided to live, decides to protect eve from the robot. he and auto come to an understanding and both stop the robot from killing eve. auto tells walle that they can live peacefully together as a "spy robot" and a "care-giving robot", and walle recognizes him as a fellow robot. the pair also become friends. however, when eve develops a "sickness", walle is unable to understand how to deal with it, and he fails to help eve. this triggers a chain of events that ultimately leads to the end of the colony.

wall e movie torrent 19


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