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Wework Buys Meetup

Meetup groups are run by approximately 140,000 organizers.[37] Any Meetup user can be an organizer.[16] Organizers set up groups, organize events, and develop event content.[16] They also pay a fee to run the group, under the expectation of sharing the cost with members that attend events.[37] Meetup has policies against organizing meetups around a commercial interest that are not compatible with their usage policies, hate speech, or groups that do not meet in-person.[37] Their policy regarding commercial activities has generated some confusion with some claiming that no commercial activities are allowed, even going so far as to claim that a free event that has a sponsor for food and drinks is against Meetup's policies.[16][37] But purely commercial activities are allowed in their policy, as long as they are, in essence, a Meetup style activity. That is, a winery could organize a wine tasting event through Meetup charging commercial rates, but not use Meetup to simply promote their wines or only sales portal.

wework buys meetup

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If an event technology entrepreneur buys Meetup, we can anticipate the beginning of a very interesting cycle for the evolution of eventtech companies. With so many acquisitions in our industry, skilled event tech mavericks are back on the market and may be interested in getting back into the game. That is great news for our sector, where serial entrepreneurs are finally beginning to appear.

Meetup, a subsidiary of WeWork, has announced a significant change to its pricing structure that will require members to pay a $2 fee in order to RSVP to events. The change will go into effect in October, ostensibly to distribute meetup costs more evenly between organizers and members. Some meetup organizers have received the following message:

I hosted meetups for 18 months and the most annoying aspect was the RSVP. People would say they were going, and then not turn up. Like 37 say yes, and only 4 arrive. Made for lots of leftover sushi and trouble booking venues. I reckon $2 will stop this, do good move.

Despite the short month, Houston will play host to tons of innovation networking, panel, and meetup events throughout the month of February. And, it's a leap year, so take that as an opportunity to jump into the startup ecosystim in town.

The meetup brings together like-minded individuals from the nonprofit, social enterprise, impact investing, technology and many other fields to understand the concept of social entrepreneurship and be inspired to find new ways to tackle local social issues. At each meetup, you'll get an intro to social entrepreneurship, hear from a social entrepreneur in Houston, and network with other changemakers from across the entrepreneur ecosystem.

Calling all rockstar female founders and investors in the Houston area. Mark your calendars for this month's Female Founders and Funders meetup. Coffee and breakfast is provided and the event is free to attend. 041b061a72


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