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Cd Eu Quero Estar Blessing Voices Playback

Cd Eu Quero Estar Blessing Voices Playback

If you are looking for a CD that contains the playback versions of the songs from the album "Eu Quero Estar" by Blessing Voices, you are in luck. This CD is available on various platforms, such as Spotify, Amazon, and Deezer. You can listen to the playback tracks online or download them to your device.


Blessing Voices is a Brazilian gospel group that has been active since 1996. They have released several albums and singles, with themes of faith, hope, and love. Their album "Eu Quero Estar" was released in 2010 and contains 10 songs, such as "Eu Quero Estar", "Não, Não Digas Não", and "Amor Incondicional". The playback CD allows you to sing along with the instrumental tracks, or use them for karaoke or performance.

The CD Eu Quero Estar Blessing Voices Playback is a great option for fans of Blessing Voices, or anyone who enjoys gospel music. You can find it on the links below, or search for it on your favorite platform.


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